Installing a amd phenom ii x4 970 on a m2n78-la MOTHERBOARD get CPU not supporte

I purchased a AMD Phenom ii X4 970 cpu to install on a Pegatron M2n78-La motherboard. I have 6mg of DDR3, a new AMD HD video card and upgraded the power supply to one with 500 Watts. After the install I get a cpu not supported error and the computer shuts down. I have updated the Bios also. This is a a4308f HP Pavilion that when I investigated on the HP wed site said that it could run this new CPU.
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  1. That's because it's a crappy OEM motherboard. Most likely it was intended to work with a very limited amount of CPUs.

    This means you either need to replace the motherboard, or return the processor and get one that is supported.

    Usually you can find the answer on the manufacturers website.

    Sorry you had to find this out the hard way.
  2. Just to clarify, you need to go to the Pegatron website and search the supported CPUs based on the motherboard.

    HP might say the CPU is supported, but it might be referring to a newer revision Pegatron motherboard currently being produced.
  3. I ahve searched the internet and cannot find a Pegatron web site?
  4. is their website, but it's of no use.

    As someone that hasn't used a prebuilt PC in about 5 years I'm kind of at a loss...
  5. I think I found the issues. The Motherboard only runs CPU's up to 95 W, the one I have is a 125 w. Im looking on NewEgg at a ASUS M4A88T-M that should do the job for me. How will the system run with a new board since im running a OEM ver of windows. I wont be able to reinstall windows with the new board installed or will it run ok? Just asking so I know if I need to purchase windows with the new mobo.
  6. Odds are you will need to purchase Windows 7 as well.

    But the new board will add a significant amount of features.
  7. The above is true - an OEM copy of Windows is tied to the motherboard that your system came with, and if you try to install it with a new mobo (assuming you still have the disc that came with your computer), you'll get a license error. You could TRY reinstalling with the new motherboard, then when the error message comes up, calling the contact number that Microsoft gives you and telling them you're replacing a broken motherboard. They're supposed to allow for that within reason, since it can and does happen. It's up to you whether you feel comfortable doing that.

    Note also that if you do buy a new OS, you will be eligible for the cheaper upgrade version of W7 (any copy of Windows, including an OEM version on a prebuilt machine, counts as a valid license that they have to honor for upgrades).

    Of course, if you buy the OEM version of W7 for your new setup it'll be even $10 cheaper than the upgrade, though less "portable" in the future.

    Personally, I'd go with the first option, because if I already had a valid copy of W7 on my machine, I'd be pretty pissed if someone told me I had to pay another $100 for a duplicate copy when I was essentially keeping the same system. It's an "ethical" question, but I'd say you're well within your rights. After all, a Pegatron motherboard basically IS a defective motherboard; only difference is the manufacturer put the defects in there intentionally to try and make it so you're stuck. Your call, really.
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