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Noob question about hybrid crossfire x

my motherboard-biostar TA785G3 HD with onboard ATI Radeon HD 4200 Graphics.
what kind of card i need to enable hybrid crossfire xand what are my benefits? not really a gamer.
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    You would be better off just buying a standalone graphics card, hybrid crossfire is really only for pretty weak graphic cards and won't really boost you up to a considerable level.
  2. +1^ Like said in your old thread better gpus offer no benefit except for gaming or video editing/rendering since what you have can do everything else. Crossfire is just a way to "connect" gpus for more combined power.
  3. just asking because microcenter has some nice deals on gpus around $30 - $50 but i guess your right k1114. just tempted to see the difference lol
  4. So did you ever figure out how to make it work, as I did not see a response that answers your original question?
  5. Don, if you need help, I would suggest making your own thread, your 2 posts are in threads about hybrid crossfire and dual graphics, completely different situations and completely different cards (the new hybrid crossfire is called dual graphics to not get them confused). The 4200 can only hcf with 2400 and 3400 series. While the new a series can only dual with a 6450-6670.
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