Problem with Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen 3 Bios

Hey guys, I'd really love some professional advice here.

I have an Asrock extreme4 gen 3 mobo. System was running fine. I decided to OC my processor a little and read that updating the bios to latest is always a good start to ensure stability.

So off I go to the website, grab myself the latest bios rom update for my board. I format a usb, fat32 and put the bios update file on it. I boot my bios and go to the flash utility and it updates to 2.30 without a problem. Restarts a couple times and all looks fine. No power cuts, no restarts mid update, nothing I saw that was weird. Now though windows won't boot. Bios loads fine. It lists the version as 2.30 and all settings are controllable and seem fine.

What have I done wrong? Is there an easy fix? I get a Windows Error Recovery screen giving options to launch repair (did nothing) and start normally (reboots system to post again.)

If there's no real fix can i reset the bios to factory? Do I need to install the oldest bios listed for board? Would love some help thanks!
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  1. Hi, Check the SATA setting. If AHCI, switch to IDE and viceversa. See if it does work.
  2. Thank you very much sit. It appeared bios update reset my Sata settings. Fixed instantly. Learn something every day. Much appreciated.
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