What is the best internet security to purchase for a Gateway laptop with Windows

What is the best internet security for a Gateway laptop with Windows Vista? My McAfee is about to expire and the reviews for 2011 are not good.
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  1. Curiously, Microsoft have finally come out with what seems to be an effective product - Microsoft Security Essentials - which is free to download from their site. It updates onsight of a connection and scans according to your preferences selected from the Settings menu, defaulting to 02:00 on a Sunday. Change that to a daytime in your area, alter quick scan to full scan and restrict it to thirty percent of system resources and you hardly notice it scanning. As a resident, it notifies you of anything it wants to clean

    In conjunction with Windows firewall, it's far less of a resource hog than McAfee, Norton and many of the others. Try it for a while - I think you'll agree. I thoroughly tested it for three months before installing it on customers computers and have had no complaints so far.
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