Can't find RAM information for my computer anywhere! Please help


I just bought a new toshiba laptop from Best Bey. (c855d-s5110) They claim it is a brand new model and I can't find any information on it anywhere. Toshiba's website doesn't even list it as an available model. I looked at the ram in the computer currently as well as on CPU-Z to figure out what i had. I'd like to put dual channel in there (currently has DD3 pce-12800s 4gb single channel, 800mhz) and need to know what MHz and such can work with my Motherboard (AMD A55/A60m)

I tried a couple programs that scan your computer to tell you which ram to use as well, but they also failed to give me an answer and needed me to select my computer from a list...which of course my wasn't even an option. Hoping someone here might have another option that i can't think of.

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  1. I googled c855d-s5110 and the first reply was

    Being a laptop you'd be able to use any generic DDR3 laptop sticks. Just look for laptop ram on a PC parts store, or ask in a local shop for laptop ram.
  2. I could use any MHz and dual channel and it would all work fine you are saying? That seems crazy.. Guess im just used to desktop then.
  3. Ram does not come in single/dual/triple channel.
    It operates that way, depending on how many sticks you have and your motherboard' capabilities.

    If you need more ram, add another stick, assuming you are currently populated with only a single stick.
    CPU-Z will tell you that. Or, you can open up the case to verify.
    If you add a similar stick with the same speed, voltage, and latency, you should be OK.

    Or, go to a ram vendor web site and access their upgrade configurator. Enter your PC and they will give you a list of compatible upgrades.
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