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I have recently installed a new Motherboard but It has come with a few problems. Firstly It wouldn't turn on properly with my 2 ram sticks. I had to take one out just for it to actually load. After doing a start up repair and eventually a factory restore I thought things would be sorted but unfortunately i constantly come across a a blue screen before the login screen. It promptly restarts and I am back to square one. Any help would be fantastic and I am a bit of a rookie when it comes to computers to bare with me
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  1. Was your boot drive previously connected to a different motherboard on which the SATA ports were set to IDE instead of AHCI? If so, then set the SATA controller to IDE mode. You'll be able to change it to AHCI once you can boot and perform a modification to the registry.
  2. Ok I managed to do that but unfortunately it hasnt helped.
  3. It would be helpful if you told us about the old and the new motherboards. Why did you replace the motherboard?
  4. Ok so basically I pulled my graphics card too hard on my previous motherboard and part of the motherboard was damaged because of it. Ridiculous I know. Ill copy and paste the specs that I have been able to find for my old motherboard. Form factor: Micro-ATX, Manufacturer: Pegatron, Chipset: Intel H67, Memory sockets: 4 x DDR3. My new motherboard is Asrock H77 Pro4-M. Sorry if these details are lacking.
  5. You had an OEM motherboard and you installed a different motherboard. Since the chipset is very similar, it should work unless your copy of Windows is tied to the OEM motherboard. If setting the SATA controller to IDE mode didn't help and you already performed a factory restore (a clear indication of an OEM system), then try to fix the boot record:

    Ultimately you may have to reinstall from a non-OEM DVD.
  6. I tried the Bootrec.exe in the command prompt. But all it did was list me 4 different things that it helps fix. Something to do with commands it supports. Not entirely sure what to do with this.
  7. I managed to do something similar to what you have said, but it says I have no windows installed on my system. But when I use the CD that I created from the iso image from Digital River, it says there is a windows 7 on the partition.
  8. You need to read and follow the instructions, but there are no guarantees that it will work for you. It would definitely be easier to perform a fresh install or replacing the original motherboard with an identical one.
  9. Yeah I think I'll give a fresh install a go. I read somewhere that I only need a windows 7 disc because I have a product key that I have already paid for. Thanks a lot for your help.
  10. What type of key do you have? You need to install from the correct version; otherwise you won't be able to register it.
  11. Its says windows 7 home prem oa on the side if thats what you meant.
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    Then you need to use a Windows 7 Home Premium DVD to install. If you have to contact Microsoft to register it, explain that you had to replace the motherboard.
  13. Alright thats it then. Thanks for your help and patience.
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  15. Let us know the end results.
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