I7 temp spike when hibernate

I recently put together a new computer and installed "open hardware monitor' to make sure everything was running cool. Normally it runs at 30 C. With a load, maybe 45 C. It went into sleep mode and when i woke it up, i notice under the max. column, it showed a 127 C but current temps were 30ish. What the heck? Did my temps spike when it went to sleep or when it woke up? Is it the program not working very well? I installed "open hardware monitor" with my old system, (amd 64x2 2.6ghz)(windows xp) and put it to sleep, no spikes. Anybody have any advice or insight??

i7 2600k (nothing overclocked)
asus p8z68 V/gen3
16 gb ddr3
corsair 800w
windows 7 pro 64bit
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  1. Probably a weird spike. Your CPU isn't running when you're hibernating right?
  2. no, looks like a normal hibernate. tested again with hwmblackbox and see another 123 c spike. Realtemp3.7 didn't show any spike
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