Mini Itx Motherboard with at least 4 6gb/s sata ports

looking for a mini itx motherboard with at least 4 6gb/s sata ports

want to get the best speed in my new build

can be either intel or amd, but im more familiar with intel so if its an amd mobo please indicate which processor i should use. Im looking to get something with the power of an i5 intel processor

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  1. You can google it " mini itx motherbord ".
  2. i know how to find a mini itx motherboard, i just havent come across any with 4 6gb/s ports
  3. *NCIX Canada link:

    **The most expensive one has only TWO at 6gb/s so you will NOT find four yet. It's really not that big a deal anyway, I can think of no logical reason to require that many. You only need ONE for an SSD for the Operating System. 3gb/s is still plenty fast.

    So I just listed all the ones with FOUR SATA (I'm guessing most are 4x 3gb/s).
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