Can't enable 6 monitor on AMD 5870 eyefinity 6

Hi. I recently bought an AMD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Graphic card and 6 Samsong 20” monitors with DVi output. Also I use the final AMD Catalyst Control Center 11.9 on windows 7 32bit Ultimate. Besides I Use one Wieson active display port to DVi adapter (Accordind to AMD eyefinity validated dongles page: But My problem is that I can use only 3 monitor of 6. When I want to extend display to the 4th monitor, the “Unable to save display setting” error appears in Screen resolution page in windows. What Can I do?
So I need some help to solve this problem. Thanks.
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  1. There is probably a lot less information on your problem than more mainstream problems (few ppl have 6 displays in eyefinity).
    Becouse of that id suggest you contact AMD support.

    Apart from that, try an earlier version of the driver.
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