The main computer in operation display suddenly shows how be to return a responsibility?
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  1. can you please explain your problem please.
  2. Maybe I put my problem statement too simple, it happened like this: when I started the computer, I can see the computer power display lighted, also can hear the voice of the host in the operation, but the display lighted for a while and put out, no longer showed, I donot know what's wrong?! Waiting your help!
  3. It could be any one of many things and your poor (I'm sorry but its true) english is not helping.

    my understanding is this.

    you turn your pc on
    the screen comes on (is anything displayed? lots of white writing on black background?)
    you hear noises from the PC
    the screen goes off

    do you still hear noises?

    check the cables for the screen.

    when did this start
    did anything happen that might cause this, power failure, pc falling over, water spillage?
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