Which drivers do i need to download for my z77 extreme6 motherboard

so i went here for my drivers for my z77 motherboard

But which ones do i download!
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  1. Intel rapid start, smart connect, and rapid storage are three you should download that may be missing with your windows installation. The rest should be found by windows, or included with windows update files.
  2. well i am upgrading my motherboard so i wont be reinstalling windows becuase it is just a pain to do, though I did download every one that is in the top should i just install those? or should i run the install disk first or what?
  3. You may try the install disk if windows loads. If a device driver is missing, you will see a mark next to it in windows device manager. Do not flash the bios if everything is working well. You could see a change in your bios options that effects overclocking, or end up with a dead motherboard.
  4. Is it an OEM copy of windows or came with a PC? Unless it's the full version, the next time it tries to do a Windows update or authenicate for some other reason it will mark your install as invalid and not allow any more updates.

    You *might* be able to call the MS activation number and make your case but normally a change in mobo is a new paid install of Windows.
  5. ok well i have the disk though the code is wrong, how do i check if the code is not working(after installatoin) and also the first time i built my system the code was out as well and i called and i got a free one i will try to work my magic again( :P ) if it is ver much needed

    ok i have every single driver on that page downloaded and on a flash drive so after installing off the disk(though if it does not boot i will reinstall windows) should i just go ahead and install everyone that i downloaded
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