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Hello, I wasn't sure where to go on this site to post this particular problem, and this looked like a good place. I've scoured the internet and have been unable to find anyone with even a remotely similar issue to mine.

Anytime my PC loses power (power outage, regular shutdown, etc.) I am unable to reliably boot it back up. If I try to restart without first depressing the power button and discharging the caps, the PC never gets to the BIOS, it just stays in a black screen while everything else runs. When I perform that step, however, my computer will boot to the Windows splash screen, and when it passes that part, I get a BSOD (the type seems to vary.) In the past, this problem has seemingly solved itself through a series of reboots in and out of safe mode. It should also be noted that the BIOS date/time is reset every time I discharge. This time, though, it has been several hours and I can still only manage to get safe mode working. Even then, I've been BSODing while in safe mode after a given time. The power loss occurred while I was sleeping, and possibly during a Windows update. I am also unable to use a restore point, as there doesn't seem to be any, although I know for a fact I had made several in the past for just this sort of occasion.

I can't find anything about my particular issue anywhere. I've found things that are kind of similar, but they aren't my exact problem. Please help!
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  1. Since the problem happens before you can enter the bios, I would discount any windows issue, at least for starters.

    One likely possibility is that the battery on the motherboard is weak, or failed.
    That is what holds your bios changes.

    The battery is normally a 3v. CR2032, but check your motherboard manual.
  2. I figure that it is my battery causing the problem on that part, but that was just some background information for my real issue.

    My real issue is the BSODs that I'm getting in various stages of rebooting and safemode. I've tried running the sfc /scannow, but I BSOD during the verification phase.

    Most recent BSOD I received was the PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA message, which came as I did a regular boot (I made it past BIOS and the splash without issue that time) but as my desktop loaded, all the programs and services began to crash until I moved my mouse. At that point the screen glitched completely and I got the aforementioned BSOD.
  3. After doing more reading about my most recent BSOD, I'm thinking there's some major corruption in my boot drive. Would I be able to fix such issues with a simple re-install of windows?
  4. If the battery can not hold the date, windows may think it is dealing with a bootleg copy.
    Fix the battery problem first.

    Then try some program that does not use windows. I would run Memtest86+ which boots from a cd, usb, or floppy.
    If it runs with no error, then I woud consider reinstalling the os.
  5. You might fix a windows problem with a repair install.

    If that does not work, then a clean install will reformat your boot drive.
    If you have a second drive installed, I would disconnect it when doing a clean install.
    Otherwise, windows will try to put a hidden recovery partition on the second drive.

    If you get to the windows clean install point, why not make lemonade and install windows on a SSD?
    You will love it.
  6. Unfortunately I am unable to fix the battery problem as of now, if its dead. No stores within miles, and no transportation besides. Is it possible that the battery is just loose? I did remove and replace it one time, attempting some troubleshooting. It was functioning fine before that.

    I tried to put a flash drive in and install memtest, but my PC did not detect anything. I am in safemode, so a restart might fix that part.

    Also, my OS is currently installed on an SSD, with nothing else but that on it. So if these BSODs can be fixed by a reinstall, that would be a very simple option indeed
  7. Do you have a multimeter to test the battery with?

    Usually, the batteries are quite secure.

    Are you certain you replaced the battery in the proper +/- orientation?
  8. Sadly, I don't own a multimeter. And I'm fairly certiain its in the correct orientation. Negative lead faces down, correct? I put it back the way I saw it installed.
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