Graphics for optiplex gx 620

I would like to know the most powerful graphics card my system can handle

Optiplex gx 620 Minitower formfactor
Intel Pentium D 945 3.4ghz
4gb DDR2-667 (4x1gb)
PCI-E 16x Slot
Modified Enhanced cooling
600w PSU Modular

Im trying to float this old system for wow as far as I can

*edit:corrected a typo*
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    The problem you'll have with the 620's is the maximum PCI-e x16 card length is 6.25" which isn't very much. The CPU heatsink shroud gets in the way. Unless you've completely removed the factory CPU heatsink/shroud, it's going to be your limiting factor. There's some GT440's and 5450's out there that fit in that space requirement, but 6.25" isn't very much.
  2. ok but will the board support a card that powerful?

    if so think it would support
  3. As it is quite an old sytem I´d not recommend updating the graphic card.

    Your system has a ATI Radeon X600 256 MB integrated on the motherboard, which is enough for day to day tasks, web browsing, word process, video, etc, but not hardcore or recent games tiltles.

    However, if you still want upgrade, then you may need a low profile ready video card, like GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 PCI Express x16
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