Need help with usb flashback to support cpu

I have a m5a97 mobo and it is rev 1.00 and i need to update the bios before it supports the cpu and i was going to use the usb flashback to flash the bios to a recent version but in the manual it says something about installing a USB BIOS flashback wizard? so can i just go ahead and flash the bios with usb flashback and not worry about the Flashback wizard?
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  1. it is actuall a m5a97 r 2.0
  2. I've the same problem mate, but the majority of people on this site have a tendency to completely ignore a polite request. I'm done with Tom's Hardware.
  3. Too harsh in my opinion.
    If you follow the posts on Tom's, you'll find lot of people generously spending their time for helping.
    The process is described in the board's manual, but I'll try to make it clearer:
    - download the latest vesion from ASUS:
    -unzip, rename (check the manual for the name) and save it on a FAT formatted USB stick
    -connect the USB drive to the Flashback USB port (again, check the manual for its location)
    - don't start the board, just make sure that the power supply is connected to the motherboard and turned on
    -press the flashback button for 3 seconds.
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