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I'm doing some work on an old Packard Bell machine but I am having some troubles. The machine used to freeze when the Windows XP logo appeared whilst booting. So I decided to just format the hard drive and reinstall it. Everything was going fine until the 2nd part of the Windows XP setup. On the installing windows stage, just before the language settings, the machine just seems to freeze and stop responding. The HDD LED stops flashing, the screen freezes and everything doesn't respond. When rebooting the machine sometimes it freezes on the boot logo again, sometimes it makes it to restarting windows setup and freezes there. I have tried reinstalling Windows XP about 4 times now and still have the same issues.

Obviously this must be a hard ware issue. I have test both sticks of RAM with memtest86+, tried using each module seperately, test the hard drive with Seatools and tested the power supply. I have removed all AGP/PCI cards, reset the CMOS. All test were passed. I'm starting to run out of ideas. Perhaps the community can help? Thanks.

Specs are as follows:
PACKARD BELL iMedia 1302
AMD Sempron
512MB DDR-400Mhz (2x 256MB)
80GB IDE Hard Drive
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  1. Most probably HDD failure. 80GB IDE's are not expensive. =)
  2. Yes but I have tested the HDD with Seatools (2 short tests, currently performing the long test as we speak) and everything seems to be fine. I know they are not expensive, but I don't want to buy a new one if it isn't going to solve the problem you see.
  3. Passed the long test too
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