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My internet and phone service is out TWC said they will have to send a tech in 5 DAYS! but I start a work-from-home job tonight! can someone please help!
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  1. Hello dbb;

    Is the phone and TWC outage widespread in your area?
    You really don't seem to have many options.

    Can you relocate temporarily to an area that doesn't have internet outages?
  2. It can't hurt to call your local TelCo and see what they can do about DSL/phone setup.

    And it's expensive (very), but if your cell phone service is available you can get a 3G wireless dongle by stopping off at your local mobile providers store.

    AT&T Data Calculator
  3. I agree with WR2's one suggestion. Can you just go over to a buddy's house, and use their internet till your service is restored?
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