Looking for opionions on this build

This is the current build I am looking to purchase. Any advice is welcome and i will not try and lash back with rebuttals or anything. It's why I am asking.


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  1. Also my current cost cap is approx 4000 dollars not looking to push it necessarily but if a legit upgrade is brought to my attention cost is not an issue.
  2. Firstly. WOW.

    Secondly. If money isnt a problem you should hit the 590 town. Population you. And a few other rich B*****ds xD

    Thirdly. On every single one of these components, I urge you to double and triple check all reveiws. From Guru3d, to tomshardware, to Hardwareheaven. And I dont mean the reference ones. I mean if you have an EVGA 580, you look it up and find reviews for THAT CARD.

    Its a nice build. But with Ivy Bridge round the corner you might wanna save yourself some cash and go Sandy Bridge with Z68 Rev 3. A 2600k will blast anything out the water for less than half the price of the only 2 things above it, and then when Ivy Bridge is released you wont be forced to hit yourself when looking at the benches compared to Sandy Bridge E...considering you paied $600 for it.

    The H80 is a good cooler. But for an extra $20 you can get the H100. Its shaves about 4 degrees off. Which is a huge amount.

    A Better storage HDD is needed. go for a WD Caviar Black at 6gbps SATA III

    I Would avoid anything on PSUs that isnt Corsair...or Antec, or maybe Seasonic. Preferably Corsair. You pay premium for something that can take the load 24/7 365 or until you die.

    Anything I havent Mentioned is good as far as I can see, and needs nothing changing.

    I STONGLY suggest you dont dismiss my advise to skip LGA2011, at least consider it and take into account all possibilities.


  3. I 100 percent agree with you on the ivy bridge. I also wanted to wait for the Radeon 7k series to drop. Which is very soon. However, I need a system now and do not really want to drop 1 or 2 g's on a comp then turn around and have to convince the wife to let me drop another 4000.
  4. My question is do you think the 590 will be worth it from what ive read is that 2 580's sli'd is better than the 590 due to the lower clock. And the 100 is sold out currently. Im in South korea with the military heading back on the 8th and i want the parts waiting when i get there.
  5. What I suggest is spend the minimum on a future proof PC right now, say I5 2500k wth an Asus P8Z68 Pro Rev 3 mobo, 8Gb DDR3 1600 Ram and either a 570 or a 6970 or even lower. Overclock the S**t out of it and then drop an Ivy Bridge and a 7000 series in when they're released.

    The 2500k system I suggested can OC to 4.8ghz on water GUARANTEED, which is BLISTERING.
  6. tyvm now you have me really debating on waiting. I know they are both due in approx january. Makes me really debate on waiting. Just wish I knew the pricing on Ivy and 7000
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  8. You may want to consider getting the 3 gig 580 instead of 1.5 if you plan on ever going 3 monitors to take advantage of eyefinity, or 3dsurround. Also I would go with corsair force3 series . They have a 180gig for 250- which would give your 120 gigs more for the same price. I agree change that power supply, with a system like yours going cheap with a power supply is a sure fire way to trouble. Also like deadjon said, go and read reviews on your specific products you wish to buy. I like cruisin newegg simply because they tend to have the most reviews, keep in mind that some ppl just dont know what there doin there.
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