No bootable device with good hard drive

I tried to install windows 7 on another hard drive (the windows 7 I have is corrupted, but still usable) it didn't work
the error message I got was no bootable device
No big deal I thought - I will just plug my old hard drive back in - I did that and sob if it isn't working either - I am still getting same error message " no bootable device.
Any thoughts?
I just want my computer back, flawed and all

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  1. Well I figured it out and it was quite an easy fix, I hope it is for you.
    I have an MSI motherboard - I pressed DEL to enter setup then accesed the advanced settings menu.
    Don't ask me why but the motherboard had decided to change the boot sequence to a usb - I reset it to boot from the hard drive by changing the order.
    The first time it took about 10mins - now I can do it in 20seconds
    I also learned that instead of powering off the computer using the on/off button, you can hit alt/ctr/del which restarts it.
    Best of luck to you!
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