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Graphics Card affecting RAM?

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January 10, 2013 1:23:25 AM

Okay, so I just had an epiphany today.
First, let me start off by saying that I recently (about half a year ago) realized that my Resource Monitor says this:
I spent months trying to work out the reasoning of this and eventually gave up, blaming it on two bad slots (I have 4 slots, 2 with 2GB sticks, and 2 with 1GB sticks, and yes, I moved them around.)

My Video Card is also pooping out on me (I have the worst luck ever :cry: ) so I'm looking to get a new card, which I have already decided which one, but that's a whole other story.

So today, I was messing around with Afterburner, seeing if I can cool down my overheating piece of poopy card, when I noticed that it says that it has 3GB of memory.... Now see, I have the AMD Radeon HD 5670, which, if you look it up, has only 1GB of memory.
So I put one thing next to another, and added 2 plus 1, and (to me) it looks like my video card is somehow pulling my RAM over and "sharing" with it.

Now, this could be just completely stupid, and I could just be making myself look like a complete idiot, so if my theory about my Video Card is completely implausible, please help me in identifying why this stupid "Hardware Reserved" is gobbling up 2GB of my RAM or how I can fix it.
I am planning on buying 2 more sticks of 2GB (same brand, speed, etc.) and see if having different brands/sizes has something to do with this.

Things I have tried/know:
-I have moved the cards around (I originally had 3GB "Hardware Reserved" and 3GB "Total", so I moved them around until I had 4GB "Total" which was the most I could get.)
-I have checked bios, and it says I only have 4GB of RAM installed. (changed according to how I moved the sticks around)
-I have checked that the bios can actually read the other two sticks (telling the info about them) and it can
-I have checked the "maximum memory" thing I saw suggested so many times.
-I have cleaned the connectors on the sticks.

I will edit as I think of more*

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January 11, 2013 7:59:39 PM

I think 1 of the 2Gb stick is either dead or the slot is dead :) 
try 1 stick at a time until you identify it.