Using PCIe risers with a too-long graphics card?

I built my own case for my desktop, and I've just acquired a PCIe graphics card (GeForce 9600GT) but it doesn't fit in the case. The graphics card would have to extend out the back of the case to fit in, which I can't really do. I am considering using this riser to move it so that the connectors are further out than the motherboard connectors.
I want it like this:

k=graphics card connectors
m=motherboard connectors
| k
| k
| k
|__________ k

| m
| m
| m

if that makes any sense. My main problem is that if the riser cable will allow me to do that, because it would have to be tilted forward to move the card so the slot is not in line with the graphics card PCIe connectors. Anyone tried this or think they know if it may work?
Also, don't bother asking about why this happened. It's too difficult to explain...
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  1. its only 15 cm long and because its a ribbon it lacks flexability.......if you need 2 you may run into added latency problems....not 100% on that tho......i used one of these in a custom build a cppl years ago and had no problems.....the ribbon was of higerquality than the one you listed tho
  2. What ribbon did you use? Was it by chance one from LinITX? But the main problem is getting it bend properly. Could the ribbon cable be prised apart and made into lots of single strands? or would that break it? Then I could easily bend each wire individually. Also, how much latency would there be? Are we talking seconds or milliseconds?
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