C2D E6300 or Celeron E3400

Hey guys.
Recently I got myself a Celeron E3400 ( 45nm wolfdale 2.6ghz 1mb cache). However I think I actually took a step back from my old C2D E6300 ( 65nm Conroe 1.86ghz 2mb cache).
Now I wonder if it would be better to sell my Celeron and get some aftermarket cooler and overclock the C2D or should I just keep the Celeron?
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  1. The new Celerons are using 45nm Wolfdale cores ( same as new pentium dual core series ) So from the clock speed celeron wins but they have less cache memory. I think there isn't a significant difference.. Benchmarks say celeron is better.. That Core2duo can be overclocked to 2.5-3.0Ghz with a aftermarket air cooler.. both doesn't good in gaming and try a quad core if you can..
  2. I plan on keeping my current rig until I can afford a new mobo+CPU+GPU and that might take a while...something like a year.

    I thought maybe the C2D overclocked would be better for moderate gaming than the Celeron but I guess not. I had the celeron overclocked to 3.0ghz but was afraid to get it higher due to temperatures on Prime95
  3. You have to buy a aftermarket cooler if you are going to oc. C2D has a better cache memory so buy cooler and oc it. Also don't run prime95 with stock cooler.
  4. If can sell those 2 processors and at least go for C2D e7500..
  5. I could try selling both but the only thing I would be able to buy would be either a E5700 or a E6600 (yeah I live in the middle of freaking nowhere).
    Will it be worth it?
    I wasn't going to overclock on stock cooler but I just couldn't wait.

    Edit: I won't be able to afford an aftermarket cooler if I get another CPU
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