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I've a problem with my Acer desktop when I try booting it. It's an Aspire M3100 (AM3100-U3201A) that turned 4 years old. Always ran fine before early last week, when I powered on the desktop. Or I tried.

Power supply and fans run and the desktop spins up the DVDRW drive. Then it stops booting and hangs there - the fan is running and power on but nothing else. No signal to the monitor, no power to the keyboard or optical mouse at all. Turn off the power using the surge protector and power button, and try it again to boot. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Every once in a while, a boot attempt works. I know because there's a beep right after I hit the power button and there's a picture on the monitor. The desktop goes to a screen that gives me what version the BIOS and info about the IDE Channels ('0' Master and Slave: None. '2' Master is the hard drive, '2' Slave:None. '3' Master is the DVDRW drive, '3' Slave: None.). It always says 'CMOS Checksum Error: Defaults Loaded'. Continuing with the boot works fine. Going into Configure and booting from default settings does nothing to prevent the problem from occuring.

I have tested whenever the desktop finally boots by turning it off, then powering it back on again. Seems like being off for a couple minutes is not a problem - but off for hours is.

I am running Vista, patched to latest updates.

I'm getting the feeling the desktop is hosed.

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  1. Sounds like a defective power supply (a.k.a. PSU). Do you have another you could swap in for troubleshooting purposes?
  2. I have followed the thread above with thoughts that I'm experiencing the same failure. My ACER -AG3610-UR10P which of course in now out of warranty. Should I replace my power supply ,would it be ok to step up to say 750 or 800?
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