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So I've been ordering my new PC parts throughout November, and have the PSU, Case, motherboard, GPU, and DVD burner left to order.
I was gonna order this PSU+Case bundle, but it's deactivated right now (probably due to the fact that it sold out really quickly when it dropped to 100 dollars). So I'm thinking I'm either gonna have to buy the standalone case and order a separate PSU, or order it from...-deep breath-...Another online merchant.
So, I looked it up on Amazon...
Is this even the same product?! What's with the ambiguous title and lack of information?
Anyone recommend a good PSU like the one that came with the Storm Scout that'll have the appropriate amount of connectors for ?
Or know whether or not that product from Amazon is the same as the one on Newegg?
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  1. bloodymoth said:
    Hey harouls,

    How much was it at newegg when you saw it?

    It dropped to 100 dollars exactly, I think.
    Which is why I'm finding it hard to believe it's the same thing.
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    It's case only

    Standard ATX PS2 Power Supply NOT included;
  3. longpig said:
    It's case only

    Standard ATX PS2 Power Supply NOT included;

    Just caught that...What's with the title then? "& Power Supplies"
    Anyway........Anyone have any recommendations on what PSU I should go with? =|
    Needs to power
    and needs the 2 PCI-E power connectors for
    500-800 W would be nice.
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