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this card will be installed into an older system pent.4 (530) 3ghz clk spd. 2gb pc3200 dual channel ram win xp... very basic system.. want to add a card for mild gaming (CoD, WoW, and an RTS style game as yet TBD) the systems main use is surfing the web.. just want to get a card for now that can push this system for it's gaming I do plan on building a new system in the coming weeks (2months) so this is just an upgrade that will be moved and used in a much more powerful system later on. and yes it's pciE slot.. as the title suggests I have two 20" monitors that I plan to use for the new system that are 1280x1024
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  1. I would like to play on highest settings at that resolution ;-) so anyone with knowledge on the latest video cards pls enlighten me.. it's been awhile since I've been gaming last system I built was using a 6800GT back when they were brand new and the top of the line card was a 6800GTX sli was brand new and athlon skt750 had come out.. so I been out of the loop for awhile lol. been spending many a hours catching up but I really appreciate any feedback.. oh if your wondering I replaced the psu in this system with a thermaltake tr2-430 from fry's as the old one looked like a chinese firecracker ready for meltdown lol.
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    I hate to break it to you but the Thermaltake TR2-430 is more or less crap. But I suppose it is better crap than your old crappier power supply. If I remember correctly, the capacitors (by Fujihuyu I believe) used are of less than average quality.

    The problem with your current system is that your P4 530 @ 3.0GHz is extremely power hungry. When under load (playing a game or doing anything stressful) it can consume 135w - 140w of power. That is a lot of power.

    If you are going to upgrade your system soon I think your power supply can handle up to a Radeon HD 5770 / HD 6770 (basically same graphic core, with minor tweaks to the card which does not affect performance). You can buy one for $90 after rebate:

    Here's benchmarks for the Radeon HD 5770:
  3. I would recommend the 5770 too.
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  5. Yea the psu was a quik fix and it was cheap... I plan to build an all new system based off 2nd. Gen icore.. so since I'm getting a new psu anyways I don't have a problem swapping it out in current system to handle a powerful video card.. so a card that would max the 1280 scene is what I'm lookin for keeping in mind the card will be used in another system with a much more powerful CPU and psu .. well everything lol thank you all so much for your feedback
  6. I have a much more powerful OCZ psu from awhile back it actually lists the voltage ratings on each 12v rail unlike the thermal take .. so if need be I can use that if I need to or simply buy the one I'm getting I don't want to be limited by psu so if there is a better card available then the 5770 but I need a better psu lemme know... Thank ya much
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