ASUS Z77-V Not posting after restart


I installed a ASUS z77-V and a i5 3570k and everything else. Booted it up and it posted. I then changed the auto OC setting to "Performance" and save&exit and rebooted.

Now it won't POST and just restarts itself every 10 seconds or so.

I tried to cleared the CMOS(via jumper and battery). No luck.

Please help.
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  1. if memory serves me right, you are supposed to clear the cmos with the power cord unplugged for the battery method (and jumper method I believe)

    you've done it that way?
  2. Yes, I have.

    I also try both my sticks of ram singly for every slot. Still no luck. I am flashing the BIOS right now....hope it works.


    Flashing BIOS fixed it. Still not sure what happened but I am glad to see that BIOS :lol:

    Note: I will never use Auto OC again
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