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XfX PSU vs Nzxt PSU

I'm purchasing components for a new build at the moment and was looking for some insight on my psu. I had read Tom's hardware's review that the NZXT Hale 750 W Gold psu was an excellent deal and a good quality unit. But I recently saw the XFX 850 Watt Silver psu. I have a XFX gpu at the moment and like the quality of, what I'm really looking for is if anyone has any experiece with their units?

XFX PRO Series 850W 80 Plus silver


NZXT HALE90 80 Plus gold

Also what's the difference between gold, silver and bronze?

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    Both are solid units, the NZXT unit is going to be a bit more efficient at higher load levels(~2%). Both platforms have great voltage stability and ripple suppression.

    If it were up to me, i would probably go for the XFX unit, its a bit cheaper, and gives you some extra power if you want to move to two real high power GPUs in the future. The higher efficiency of the NZXT will take a while to pay off the extra price since the XFX has the rebate.

    Reviews of the XFX 850 W

    Reviews of the NZXT HALE90 750

    Reviews of its big brother the NZXT HALE90 850, based on the same super flower platform
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  3. Thanks for the answer hunter.
  4. Even though this is marked as solved, I feel the need to add that I would avoid NZXT at all costs. The only PSU of theirs I've ever used was the 850W version you have listed, it died after less than 2 years; they did not stand behind it with their warranty and were basically unconcerned about the quality of it.

    If you look up the actual manufacturers of the PSUs in question (as opposed to the brand labels), XFX power supplies are made by Seasonic, which has a reputation among the best you'll find, while NZXT's are made by three manufacturers that I have either never heard of or tend to be associated with the cheapo brands.,2913.html,2913-8.html,2913-10.html
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