Optimize my gaming experience, please help!

Hi everyone.

I just bought the new Sony vaio VPCF22. I'ts an expensive laptop, and I was hoping to play Battlefield 3 on it.
Right as this moment im triyng to update all of my drivers to optimize my system to the max, but i've ran into a problem.

Nvidia tells me that i'll need to update my GPU. First of all i haven't got a clue of what GPU is, second how the f*** do I
update it?

I go to sony's drivers page, and I can't find the drivers for my exact model.
Sony tells me to check the model number on the operating system within sony's vaio care application.

It tells me that my model's called VPCF22M1E, which i can't find on the sony webpage?

Please help me, i've bought this computer and i'm not as satisfied with the gaming as i could be. I'm not expecting
to run battlefield and other games in ultra graphics, but good!

How can i optimize my gaming experience to the MAX?
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  1. GPU means the graphical processing unit.

    Did you check this page ? http://www.sony.co.in/support/download/458831
    drivers are listed there.
  2. Am i not suppose to download nvidia drivers, made for bf3?
  3. Oh and by the way, the graphics drivers on the page you listed, were more outdated than the ones i'm currently running on /:
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