I am currently running on a FX-6100. If I wanted to upgrade the cpu what would be my best move?

Also if I wanted to look at a new mobo and go to the i7 what would I be looking at cost?


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  1. For intel motherboards: $140-200 is typical
    For an intel i7-2600: $300 for regular and $325 for the K version

    **You may need to get new RAM too. I don't know if AMD is different at all**

    you would be looking at $440-525 to upgrade both mobo and cpu to an intel i7

    I have no recent experience with AMD so I can't help you there.
  2. its either the faster phenom II x4's or the true hexacore, 1055 maybe?

    In what way is your fx6100 letting you down, and are you sure its that thats letting you down? The amd options would be marginal improvements, the intel options a little better than marginal, or maybe +5% or +15% depending on what you are doing.

    Full system specs would help.
  3. Its an off the shelf HPE H8 1214 from best buy. Fx-6100 w/ radeon 7450 8g sd

    I have had trouble with some off the shelf's and running cad software. Haven't installed the software yet, wanted to see what people had to say first. TY
  4. its possible that your mobo may be limited in what it can take.
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