New motherboard

my specs:
Motherboard: msi nf980 g65
ram 6gb (3x2gb) kingston hyperx 2133
Processor: phenom ii 1100t
Graphics card: asus gtx 660 ti
Case: nzxt phantom full tower
cooling: corsair h100 push, 120mm rear push and 2 120mm side pull

Using hardware like speed-fan and openhardware one of my motherboard temps say its in the 90 degree celsius and the other 2 in the 30s. cpu in 20s, graphics card in 30s and harddrive in 30s degrees. this is when the computer is idle.
when under load most temp raise about 5 to 10 degrees.
i have touched around the motherboard and no where feels hot enough to be anywhere close to 90 degrees.
in hot weather or if i play sc2 on extreme(max) setting the computer reboots, this is very repeatable, but computer is usually fine at medium setting or if room temperature is low.

I think the temperature sensor on motherboard is broken, but at the same time i feel the motherboard's (temp regulator/modulator) is broken as at high setting fps/performance should decrease as opposed to restarting.

2 questions:
1. can this restart damage my other components.
2. should i buy the asus m5a97 r2.0

thanks in advance for ur reply :D
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  1. use another Tool for temp diagnosis. if 90°C that would be the restart problem for sure.
    Look if the heatpipe of the chipset is installed properly or disassemble the cooler of the chipset and install new thermal paste.
  2. the 2 programs used gave identical temperature readings. i got the corsair h100 about 2 months ago which had pre-applied thermal paste and cpu temp is usually in the 20s or 30s degrees. i think the component in the motherboard that tells it to restart when temp is too high is broken. can someone confirm if such a fault can occur?
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