Best Ram Module for AsRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard

Hi guys,

So in two-three days time I will be buying a new rig for gaming.

i5 3570k
gtx 660
16gb ram
corsair 650w psu

Now the question I really have is what kind of ram is compatible with my motherboard I will be buying?

I really don't know how all this ram stuff works but I hear it's very easy to put in, the only problem I have is knowing which one is compatible for what motherboard.

I have heard that dual-channel ram sticks work the best performance wise.

Can anyone link me a good ram stick (16gb) for my motherboard? Will be highly appreciated.

No new-egg links please as I can't purchase of that, AMAZON ONLY.

Much appreciated.

- Rabszeh
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    I have the same board and run this ram on it with no problems

    If this only for gaming you dont need more then 8gb and in the real world you wont notice anything between single and dual channel. Dual channel will help in benchmark programs if thats what your into, and its easier to overclock with less sticks of ram.
  2. anyone know if any 1600 RAM is compatible?
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