Problem booting with gtx 570 sli

Just recently built a new computer, and when installing both video cards, my monitor wasn't showing a connection. The fans on both video cards work so I know they are getting power, and I plugged each card in one at a time and both work separately, and I updated the driver, the problem comes when I plug both and and bridge the connection. Both cards don't show under devices so I have to use my mobo vc. What's the problem?

Corsair AX1200 PSU
I5 2500k
Asrock Exetreme7 Gen 3
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  1. Could be a motherboard problem.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Could be a motherboard problem.

    As in a bios problem, or hardware defect?
  3. Both first of I would look at if there are BIOS updates and or mobo drivers.
  4. I actually got it working. I was looking to see if they were perfectly connected, and the pcie 2.0 slot 4 wasn't fully connected. Apparently, if I screw in the card to the case bracket, it ends up pulling the far right of the card out of the socket slightly because the screw holes don't perfectly line up. I have my bottom card unscrewed atm, it isn't loose, in fact it's suprisngly snug, but I think later i'm going to borrow a power drill and drill a hole slightly to the right on my case (HAF X) so I can screw it in.
  5. The motherboard correctly mounted? CM cases are reasonable good quality and I have never had any issues with slots in those.
  6. Yeah, it's mounted correct which is why I never checked in the first place. I think it might be a mistake on the video card. I was measuring the holes on the case and mobo and there was no difference with the top slot and bottom slots which is mind boggling, the only thing I can think of is the hole placed on the gpu is a teensy bit off.
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