2 6pin PCI-e connections on one cable?

I have a video card that requires (2) 6pin pci-e connections, can I safely connect (2) 6 pins to it even if they are on the same cable, or is that too much power going through one cable?
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  1. What are your system specs? especially the PSU and GPU...
  2. CPU: intel i5 2500K
    GPU: Gigabyte XFX 560 ti
    PSU: 550w Roswill
  3. Which 550W Rosewill?
  4. RD550N Stallion

    my connection looks like this, factory connections, one cable, no Y adaptors.


    [ ]______||_______||
  5. Rosewill's OEM designed the PSU to support SLI or cards that require two 6-pin PCIe connectors. Normally they are on separate cables, but you should be good.
  6. Yeah you will be fine. I am running a GTX260, which is a huge card that needs a lot of power off a very cheap 500W PSU, using all sorts of adapters.

    I have been playing Skyrim and Battlefield which are pretty intensive, and none of my components get too hot. The voltage across the PSU is pretty sound too.
  7. thanks guys!
  8. On pretty much any PSU that's not a fly-by-night brand, they won't give you extra PCIe plugs if you can't safely use them. It's mostly when people are using adapters to jury-rig extra PCIe plugs out of two molex plugs that I see them run into trouble. That or overloading the PSU in general, which actually is the usual outcome.
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