Hal.dll and Ntoskrnl.exe

I have had my Home built computer for more than a year now and recently i have started to get the BSOD. The strange thing is that it only occurs when i render my work out in 3Ds Max, i have tried almost everything, including checking recently installed drivers, removing anything that may be causing a problem,restoring, everything but but doing a clean install.

I have had a look at the minidump file and the problem seems to lie with hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe, they both receive similar crash code.

hal.dll : 0x4ce7c669
ntoskrnl : 0x4e02aaa3

Any help what would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Have you recently updated your video driver or changed any other hardware? Hal BSODs are generally caused when there is a new or different driver.
  2. Wrong thread lol!
  3. I recently installed the new Nvidia 290.36 Beta driver for my GTX 570, but i have since then rolled back to a stabler driver due to the BSOD and that did not solve the issue.

    I haven't changed any hardware in my rig for a while now, i ran memtest86+ and it came back with no error's ruling out a RAM issue
  4. Hmm do you have driver sweeper? I'd do a full clean of your nvidia driver and reinstall 285 I think? I'm guessing that it didn't fully clean the registry when you rolled back
  5. I downloaded a driver sweeper, i made sure it removed all Nvidia drivers. Once i had done that i retried using 3Ds Max and it BSOD again.

    I re installed the 285 driver but to no avail
  6. :( have you tried it in safe mode? that can narrow down the problem to windows or not.
  7. The problem is when i am in safe mode i can't load up 3ds max. It's strange that this issue is only localized to 3ds max, i can play games, i can render video's using Adobe After effects, but as soon as i start to render off any 3d animation i get BSOD :(
  8. You've also tried reinstalling your 3ds max I assume?
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