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Hey there,

I've recently bought an AMD FX 6100 Black Edition and I'm using it on an ASUS M5A78L-M LX motherboard.

I've overclocked it to 3.8 GHz yet it runs as if cool n quiet was enabled, it rarely is at the full 3.8 GHz and when it is it's only for a few seconds, on the rest of the time it's running on 3 or lower. Even when it's not OC'ed it doesn't use full clock

This leads to lower frame rates that a friend that has a very similar system with an amd athlon II X4 645 running at 3.8ghz. For example, he runs skyrim at 1440*900 in the same settings as me at 50/60fps while I at 1366*768 only have 40.

I've tried to disable the cool n quiet and ACPI on the BIOS yet it still runs this way.

I'm running Windows 7 x64 Home Premium.

Any help in fixing this problem is appreciated.

(BTW everything is updated, even BIOS and i have no max min cpu state on power management)
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  1. NoobLevler said:
    at 1366*768 only have 40.

    Ups, meant 30
  2. Hey, im nooblevler's friend, who he mentioned on the OP
    With identical system, he means same Graphics card (asus nvidia gtx 550 Ti), 8GB ram 1600mhz, only CPU and motherboard differ, i have Asus M4A78LT-M motherboard with an athlon II X4 645 running at 3.8ghz.
    Also, nooblevler has his power scheme as High performance, but he can not find the options "Minimum Processor State" and maximum(...) under processor power management, not even with a custom plan...anyone have a hint? :)
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