PC build questions - PC + Media Center - Or not!

Hey there everyone.

First, thank you very much for all of your comments, advise and lectures. ;)

I will be building a new PC (with assistance) late this month and have a few questions. I have read many threads and have learned a lot but it can be confusing also.

I will be spending about $2,000 on a new PC, not including monitors or other peripherals. I will be using it for gaming; MW3/BF3 and for movies - Netflix and hulu only. I also have SiriusXM.

What I can't figure out is how can I put together a computer so that it is connected to two 27" monitors, a 46" plasma television and a 5.1 speaker system? I will be getting Radeon 6970's... which eludes to my other dilemma of... do I wait for Radeon 7000 series cards? :pt1cable:


1. How do I hook up all the stuff or can I? Sound card maybe?
2. Should I wait for Radeon 7000 cards? Only about a month away... OR SO. :cry:

Bonus question: :D

3. OR should I actually hook up the TV and speakers (Energy Take Classic 5.1) to a receiver (Denon AVR-1912 or Pioneer VSX-1021-K)?

I haven't bought anything yet!

Double bonus question: :whistle:

4. On gaming monitors, I want to get a resolution of 1920x1200. TN monitors are mentioned for gaming but they don't have that resolution. I would prefer IPS monitors but I've read that the 6ms response time isn't very good for gaming. Am I missing something when others talk about great gaming quality monitors with a resolution of 2560 x 1440??

What I want is a great sounding system for movies/TV AND music, and a great gaming PC. Money is tight but have no problem spending what I should for a great system. My last PC lasted me 8 years.

Thank you very much for your time.

PS. Sometimes I get names and abbreviations mixed up. :o
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  1. Windows media center + a media center extender (xbox 360 might be your best bet with this) is an easy way to get TV card streams, movies, vids, music over to your TV. if you want the tv to do stuff like play games and what not then you should look into a vid card with an HDMI out.
    I just setup a media center extender to stream my infiniTV to my tv a few days ago and im loving it sofar. Media center has some option for running apps, which by default has some games. so it may be possible to stream a game over media center as well. thouhg i havent looked into this at all yet so i have no idea how it will work if at all.
  2. HD 6970's in CF will run your three displays if you use the diaplay port and Eyefinity. Up to you to wait for the 7000 series or not. At that level of CF you won't be looking at any significant gains.

    Your MB will have SPDIF out so you can do optical audio to your reciever using a Toslink cable. Look for a MB with audio support for HD formats.
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