ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition HELP

Hi, i bought a ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition motherboard, it was sold to me off ebay as used, but in still working order.

I have installed
a 500GB Seagate HDD
Nvida GT520 1GB
Evo Labs 400 Watt PSU
an LG Blue Ray Disk Reader
& 2 2GB RAM, i had these from my old pc -

They ive read around & it seems they are not compatible even though they have the right specs?

When i boot, all lights come on, HDD appears to be on, DVD Drive appears to be on, GPU appears to be on, so does the CPU, But no output on Monitor? ive tried everything, refitted everything properly. I have some value case, it does not have a HDD LED or similar.

The green light appears to be on, on the motherboard aswell.
I took the RAM out & the pc & everything was still the same, changed the slots too.

Is it the RAM?
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  1. I don't see the CPU? Is it supported with the bios version? There are a lot of CPU models on the list only supported by newer bios versions. And try a cmos reset.
  2. Yes, we need your cpu. I didn't find that memory on the QVL:

    But there's some similar to it. It may be a power supply problem, too. It doesn't sound like a very good brand:
  3. How do you do a CMOS Reset just swap the blue cap?:L & I have a AMD Phenom x3 8650, apparently its not supported in the cpu list, but is supported now from bios version (cant remember), also, everything powers on fine don't see a problem with the PSU
  4. Unplug the power supply, swap the blue jumper (probably says cmos or bios close by) and wait about 10 minutes. Swap the jumper back, plug the power in and try it again. If you need a bios update you'll have to get a supported cpu to do it. Good luck.
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