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  1. Woot!
  2. test
  3. test best excuse ever...

  4. Badge...

    You do realize that is a French Commercial you are endorsing... right??
  5. A French surrender is imminent. I will remove it immediately therafter.
  6. What you mean by that? French surrender of what? Tom's?
  7. Do not question the French and use the word 'mean'? Their surrender is imminent.
  8. For clarification.

    The only war the French have actually won is the French Revolution. Won primarily due the fact that the opponent was also French. The French techs responsible for the disaster on this forum are obviously a group of surrender monkeys. If you need any further brucification, ask techmo34.
  9. Currently up for view, the French tech responsible for most of the trouble at Tom's Forums attempting to fix the 'envelope' missing dilema.

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