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So the other day my laptop took a dump on me. " Ive had it for almost 5 years :pfff: " I got a blue screen with NV4_Disp.dll blue screen. I looked it up on the internet and so far what Ive done to see if it fixes it.

Booted up in safe mode, uninstalled the Display driver. Restarted. I let the laptop do its thing and re downloaded the driver and back to normal. After a while " 3 hours " it had the same issue blue screen NV4_Disp.dll.

I thought it would only do this if i was gaming but proved me wrong last night. I left my pc on just on the main screen nothing open, and then the computer started to show funny images and just looked wierd. This all happened within 15 minutes of booting up.

Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the driver several times after it does the blue screen i have to do it in order for it to go back to normal or it will show weird screen that makes no sense.

So i am wondering if my Graphics card just met the end of its life or if this can be fixed. ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . Thnx!
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  1. This sounds like a driver glitch to me. Best bet would be to uninstall the current GFX driver, and install an older/previous revision. Additionally try dusting the laptop (spray duster), and elevate the back of the laptop (20oz bottle caps work fine), as it could be airflow related.
  2. Definately a driver glitch, try installing an older driver to see if that fixes it.
  3. thnx guys ill try this out tonight.
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