Workstation card and Graphics card at the same time?

Hi everyone, with BF3 on the way I was looking to use my workstation for a little gaming every now and then. I am currently using a T7500 Dell Precision. I have a Quardo FX 1800 installed and love the card and really do not want to switch it out since my rendering will take a hit. However I was thinking of installing a second card, but Im not 100% if it would work and if it does how it works. And I was thinking along the lines of a GTX 560/570. IF this does work will I have to disable one card in the device manager depending on the program I am using? Will just plugging my monitor into the card I want to use be enough? Side Question: For cpu Im running Dual Quad Core Processor E5506 2.13GHz,4M,4.8GT/s. Should I even bother with trying to run BF3 with something so low even if its 8 cores?
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  1. Hi, you can run two GPU (not SLI) detailed instuctions are here

    Lots of info and troubleshooting tips. Can you upgrade your cpu cooling and overclock those e5506's, probably not in BIOS but maybe setFSB software will help.
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