Can't Get surround Sound In Bf3

I recently purchased a Pioneer VSX 821 K receiver: []

I have gotten movies to play correctly using Dolby Digital, but I cannot figure out how to get Dolby Digital in BF3, at the moment I am only able to get Dolby Pro Logic II to work, which isn't good enough because it simply makes a stereo signal sound like 5.1, it's not true surround sound.

Here is how I have my system hooked up. I have a Turtle Beach Montego DDL Soundcard( [] in my PC, along with the motherboard's integrated optical port. I have tried connecting both to the receiver via Optical cable(optical OUT port on soundcard and optical port on motherboard), but no luck. I have also made sure that when you go to audio settings in-game, it's set to Home Cinema, and Stereo Enhance(or w/e it's called) is off. But I am unable to select or enable Dolby Digital on my receiver.

From what I understand, an optical cable should be able to transfer a Dolby Digital signal, because it can for DVD's and movies. Eventually I will run the sound from my video card with HDMI, but my current video card does not have HDMI so until I upgrade that, I hope to get this working.

Any suggestions?
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  1. I had this same problem and couldn't get true 5.1 in games, just the upconverted DDL. Hope u get some help!
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    enhanced stereo shuld be off,
  3. 13thmonkey said:
    enhanced stereo shuld be off,

    Yes, I have that set to disabled/off. I also remembered that I have a headset plugged into the soundcard through one of the analogue ports. Should I not have that plugged in when trying to run the sound out of the optical port on the soundcard, or would it not matter?
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