Need help picking a psu to xfire 6850s

HI, Im wanting to crossfire 2 sapphire 6850s- Using a phenonII X4 965 and this motherboard

I have no clue of what kind of psu I will need and any suggestions will be appreciated.

Also, will I be needing to buy any extra cables?
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    Should have enough power for upgrades and is decently priced
  2. On Second thought, can you List your whole build? I want to check your computer specs on a couple calculators to see what you are running at
  3. also if you just want to see yourself check out this calculator for PSU power
  4. davcon said:

    +1 duh forgot that Corsair was running that 15% deal

    Go with that one ^_^
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    xtremeclowny said:

    Nope the Corsair includes the required pci-e 6pins required to power 2x6850's.
    2X6870 = requires 4xPCI-E 6pins the Corsair TXV2 only supplies 2 = although your cards includes the molex adapters = would be fine.
    Psu that includes all necessary 6 pins without the need for adapters.
    XFX Core Edition PRO650W = supplied with 2 x 6-Pin, 2 x 6+2-Pin

    Better case imo.
    NZXT Tempest 210

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Quad Core Processor
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