GTS 450 PSU & MB Compatibility.

Hello! Thanks in advance for reading :)

I've created this post to ensure that i can run
EVGA GTS 450 ( 400 Series Family&sw=)
with my current build.

My system is:
MSI 880GM-E41
4GB RAM @1333

and i will be getting a new PSU either:

-Antec VP450 CP

-Cooler Master EPP 500w (have read some bad reviews here at tom's hard)

-Antec BP500U EC:

I'd like to know if it's posible to run the GTS 450 with one of these PSUs without problems and if it will fit my MB.

I've used the search tool but I still have doubts and I want to be sure it's possible.
I use a 1366*768 Monitor and play games like Just Cause2, Crysis, Etc.
Also I'm not considering OC at all, and these are the only options I have atm (all PSU's cost the exact same).
Thanks a lot!
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    The GTS450 package lists the power supply requirement:
    For the 450, it states a minimum of 400W
    I would definitely go with Antec or Corsair. Cooler Master PSUs are not as good. The 500U EC should do the trick.
  2. Michael, thanks for your fast reply.
    Antec 450VP Fulfill those requirements on EVGA's page, so i assume it would be safe when gaming and 'high' loads.
    My MotherBoard shouldn't be a problem right? It's a go then, Gts 450 and Antec 450vp ? :)
  3. The Antec PSU is a standard size. Just check the dimensions of your case to make sure it fits. Otherwise, you're good to go.

    Good luck!
  4. Woah thanks again! But I ment if the Gts 450 will 'fit' my motherboard well, it's a mATX I think.
    (Already checked PSU size and it fits perfectly)
  5. Thanks a lot, both of you!
    I'll be buying gts450 and Antec 450 very soon (little budget issue).
    greetings from Uruguay.
  6. Good luck!
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  8. Thank you
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