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Something strange is happening with my new Corsair TX750M. When I move the mouse or scroll down/up, I can here a buzzing sound coming out of the PSU. This is quite weird as my PSU is just 3 days old! Please help!

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  1. Try switching usb ports and see if that helps.
  2. Still no result
  3. check the psu connections press every cable firly into its housing and if you still get it then i would consider sending the psu/motherboard back... as it sounds like its shorting somewhere.
    it is a very common problem and the only real solution is to rma the psu first and if the problem persist rma the motherboard... like i say it is common but very hard to pinpoint the exact cause... 70% of the time it will be a cheap or broken component in the psu the rest 25% is down to failing motherboard and 1-2% a shielding issue on the usb cable. (leaving a little room for other issues)
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