3 Monitor Setup Screen Sizes

so i currently have Samsung 24 inch 1920 x 1080

now is it possible get 2 small size screens have them vertical lined up correctly with 24inch Samsung


this guy has done it so what Size would it need to be for this be like that i don't have enough space have 3 24inchs side by side
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  1. GTX 580 Soon to be 2 GTX 580 SLI

    i5 2500k 16gb ddr3 ram h70 Liquid cooling and ASrock p67 Fatality Pro MB and 2TB black WD HDD
  2. i think the 580 can only support 2 displays, to have 3 or 4 you need 2 cards, different size screens are easly set up in non sli mode, so dont expect to play games across all different size screens, but it should work great for desktop

    imo, just get the same size monitors
  3. Quote:
    1. WTF............580s ?
    2. Yea, u need Dual GPU for Tri-screen for Nvidia cards
    3. Get the same monitors, save urself from the trouble
    4. How much is your income? seeing you're willing to spend 500 bucks on another card

    380 a fornight :/ but tis my birthday soon
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