Problems with newly built PC using older parts

RAM: 4x 1GB UNB PC2-6400 CL5 DDR2 brand: Apacer
Power Supply: AGI peak: 430W
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00 GHz 2.00GHz
Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board DP35DP
HDD: 160GB SATA Western Digital WD1600
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3

My friend upgraded his PC and then he gave me some parts to build my own.
I first installed Windows 7 x64. In the same night, it crashed to blue screen 3 times. I do not know if it was the same blue screen each time as it restarted immediately. The next day I started to have all kinds of problems: the os crashing to blue screen during startup, crashing after logging in, even when reloading the windows 7 installation disk, it would crash. Figuring that RAM might be the problem, I got a MemTest CD. First time I ran it, it said that 2 of my RAM sticks were bad, so I ran each stick individually through the test and got no errors. I then ran 2 more tests with 2 sticks at a time with no errors then a third test with all four once again and that gave no RAM errors. I then downloaded Windows XP x32 with SATA drivers and tried to install it. On the last part it crashes to blue screen. I moved the PC to a different room (idk if that’s relevant) and now when it crashes, the firmware doesn’t even load. I have to switch off the power supply for a few minutes for it to start again. I’ve gotten frustrated with this and would like help finding out what exactly is wrong.

Some blue screen error messages I’ve gotten:
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  1. you got memory stick defective redo memtest for a few pass get rid of the defective one
  2. The thing with Memtest 86+ is that some of the tests are random. That means they wont hit that parttern that causes a fail until after a few tests.

    Try and leave all the memory on overnight. Give it 8 passes at least.
  3. You downloaded winxp 32 bit?...where'd ya get that?
  4. i tried to test all four ram sticks at once, but it kept freezing so I ran two at a time for about 20 passes each time.
    It did not find any errors. Someone else told me that I should increase the ram voltage to 2.1v. My motherboard
    doesn't allow me to change that and I thought that my ram was 1.8v anyway. Could that be it or might there be
    something else?
  5. I just logged into windows 7 using only 2 sticks of ram and went to install updates.
    Each time I did this with all 4 sticks it crashed to blue screen in the middle of
    the update. This time it didn't crash. This means to me that its a ram issue and
    since the memtest said the ram was good, it would seem that each ram channel on the
    motherboard isn't receiving enough power for two sticks of ram, limiting me to one per
    channel at the moment. Am I being accurate here and if so, can I fix this to work with
    4 sticks of ram without buying new ram or a new motherboard?
  6. since this board use dual channel for memory did you try 2 stick only in the second channel to see if the system boot link to board then if system do not boot means the second channel is out,you could try to find another use socket 775 board
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