My 3dmark 11 scores are low for my spec

Hi everyone,

so I was wondering if someone could help me figure out why my 3d mark 11 scores are so low.

I recieved an overall score of 5444,

however, the thing that worries me was that my graphics score was 5508 with a target score of 7800. a ~2300 score difference.

I should also mention that it posted "Graphics driver is not approved." at the top. I'm pretty new as this was my first day working with 3d mark, so I was wondering if there was a reason for this or if I shouldnt be concern. I would like to have my hardware working to at least its full potential.

My cpu received a score above its targeted score so I was fine with that, but really my main concern from the beginning was a good graphics score.

Asus M5A 97 Evo
AMD Phenom X6 1090T OC to 3.99ghz
2 HD Radeon 6870s (sapphire/xfx) stock
Thortech TB 850W 80+ gold psu

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
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  1. 7800 would be high, 7k maybe, but yeah you are low right now
  2. i wouldnt have mind if there was only a small difference, but this seemed like too big a gap. would there be something I could do? is it the driver I have thats not approved?
  3. 3DMark Score
    Graphics Score
    Physics Score
    Combined Score
    39.9 FPS
    41.4 FPS
    53.04 FPS
    23.41 FPS
    20.11 FPS
    26.05 FPS

    this is with a 1090t @4.162
  4. But, but, do your games or apps look? I use benchmarks as well, but running my games is where it counts.
  5. Im not really sure what you mean, but are you saying its because my cpu isnt clocked fast enough?

    Yeah, this build is mainly to be ready for BF3, I dont expect to have max settings with 60-70 fps but I would like it to still look good.
    i dont have many games right now but on witcher 2 i autodetect high settings, deus ex also has medium-high settings, fallout 3 has low for some reason. So i guess its not that bad. i just wanted good performance from my hardware
  6. drivers take a few months to get approved, eventually your score will show the driver approved, use tools like CPUZ (cpuid) and GPUZ , make sure you have cool & quiet off for benchmarking, your memory is running 1333 or higher, your northbridge is 2k or higher(2400MHz+ should be np on that cpu), use GPU z to make sure you are running your gpus in 16x and xfire is enabled (im thinking you are getting solo card scores atm)!!!
  7. yeah I doubled checked earlier and xfire is on. i received like ~3400 something when i ran with xfire off, so im pretty sure both gpus were running, however, I did have cool/quiet on during the benchmark. ill check it off and run it again. i really appreciate your advice thx.

    sorry im still kind of new to overclocking and stuff, so if you dont mind me asking, what do you mean when u say "your memory is running 1333 or higher, your northbridge is 2k or higher(2400MHz+ should be np on that cpu"
  8. na, that little bit of extra CPU speed wont make or break your scores, it's just a fine tweaked version.. looking at your Motherboard, you're kinda screwed for xfire builds, but only kind, your second slot is only 4x pci :( again check xfire settings
  9. yeah, it wasnt my original plan to run xfire, but i got the 2nd 6870 as a gift so, i just threw it on there.

    so would that be the explanation for my low scores? if its my motherboard, then i guess i can leave it at that
  10. the GPU running 900 / 1050 ?? you should be able to get 930 /1175
  11. how would i go about trying that
  12. if you use CPUZ, under the memory tab it will show what settings your memory is running at and what it is rated(SPD tab) to run at (most of the time) the NB freq is the direct link sys mem has to the cpu... 3400 is a very low score for a single card, should be in the 4 - 5 k range... if you have time, take one card out and make sure the other is in the 16x PCIx slot !
  13. in the AMD drivers control, there is an option for "Overdrive", you'll have to unlock it, and dont worry those clocks I suggested are safe at default voltage
  14. thx i just set it to 1175 and 925, and it increase to 5700

    im pretty sure i had the card in the 16x slot but i can double check later
  15. you'll have to set it for both GPUS there is a drop down tab for the second one
  16. yeah i set it for both gpus

    how do i turn turn off the cool/quiet?
  17. in your bios when you boot the PC
    normally have to hit DELETE, then under advance chipset or something like that
  18. if you have CPU-Z open it will show your CPU speed in GHz, if C&Q is working, it will be idle @800MHz or so then scale up as cpu cycles are needed, sometimes it doesnt work like it should, it is a nice option to enable when you arnt gaming though
  19. also use CPU meter, it is a nice gadget to monitor your CPU cores use
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