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A few on my personal favorite games has the Dx11 feature to the, such as lost planet 2, Alien vs predator, and Crysis 2. Also a few non Dx11 games.
My understanding is that some of these games came out within the past year, and up today's date, 2011. Looking into numerous graphic cards has given me quite the hasal lately, getting opinions from the public and especially my own for others to go off of.

With the most recent configuration my system is going off of 5 Gigs of ram ddr2, intel core 2 duo e8400 3.0 ( possible upgrade to qaud ), Gs corsair 700W psu, and the graphics card is looking to be a Gtx 560 Ti. Since the processor is only a dual core im wondering how it would play. Im not really able to come up with numbers my self. Im not looking out to max these games on the highest resolution.

The settings im looking for this rig to aim is at...
1360x768 res
high/meduim ( perferably high )
2x anti/ non antialiasing
16/8 AA

hoping with fps between 60-75

Could anyone tell me what this rig may come out to be with these games Frames Per Second Wise?

If this card is a bad idea please say so :??:

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  1. Its definitely not a bad idea for a card, however for your resolution its complete overkill. This is the only tricky parts with your system:

    I suggest that you do upgrade to a quad core. Alot of the games you listed and seem to like use those 4 cores, so that is where a huge boost in performance is going to come from, not to mention make your system itself much faster. Only problem is that if you upgrade to quad core, you will most likely NEED to upgrade your motherboard, which also means you will NEED to upgrade your RAM. As you can see, this does get a bit expensive, but I think at that resolution, you will be fine with your cpu for now.

    I would suggest something along the lines of a GTX 460 1gb card, or if you are able to spend an extra $30-$50, you can get a GTX 560 (non ti). These will be able to run any game you throw at it on max settings at that resolution. However, if you are planning on upgrading your monitor to something a bit better, then I would suggest you get the GTX 560ti.
  2. Thanks for the info, i don't plan on upgrading until around Christmas time, ( and plus AMD bulldozer is being released October 12th, which is a full 8 cores. ) I dont want to invest anything such as i7 just yet. Im sure around the holidays prices will drop due to sales.

    Over kill might be but im just taking a future proof on this. Every once in a while there will be a game that catches my eye and when its out id like to play it. Preparing for Aliens Colonial marines and Diablo 3.

    So you think the frames will be alright?
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    With a 560ti, at that resolution.. I doubt you will need to upgrade the gpu for a very very long time. At the same time, if you do ever want to upgrade your monitor you will be all set with the card as well so if you can afford it, go for it. Should give you awesome frames in that resolution, and good frames at 1080p if you ever upgrade.

    A bit of advise, don't go for the 8 core bulldozer. # of cores doesn't really matter too much in gaming and really anything else unless you are using programs that specifically get better with how many cores. I can think of MAYBE 4-6 games out that make full use of 4 cores. 0 games make use of more than that, so I would just save your money on that 8 core crap.

    Definately, though, it is a good idea to wait for bulldozer, but get the 4 core one instead. It will be cheaper and will most likely performe the same way than an 8 core in games. Not to mention the fact that prices on intel cpu's and other amd cpu's will go down when these come out anyways, so it is a good idea to wait for holidays.
  4. Alright thank you for the help!
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