Is my Mobo dead?

Hello, I built my pc about a year ago and it has been working great until I shipped it to my new home. When I tried to use it my pc turned on but I had no display. I've tested the monitor and it works on other pc's, I've swapped GPU's and PSU's but it still doesn't display on the monitor. I also tried putting my ram into different slots 1 at a time but still no display. Is it possible the Mobo is bad even tho i get power and no beep code? Thanks.
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  1. Hi, Have you shipped it with the heatsink installed?
  2. Yes I did.
  3. Then I think that you have the answer.
    Try reinstalling the CPU and the CPU heatsink. Start the board outside the case with only CPU, CPU fan and the case speaker (beeper) connected. See if you get the beeps signaling that no RAMs are installed.
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