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I recently got a used Compaq computer that has a bootup problem. It seems that the previous owner replaced the computer's original CD-Rom (which broke) with another one.
The problem is now the computer freezes at the 'Compaq' start screen (before attempting to boot the OS - I think).
However after resetting, the system always boots the second time around. I was thinking maybe switching the CD-Rom to a master drive (currently slave). Any other suggestions with this problems would be helpful. Thank you.
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  1. On many older compaq's, you have to confirm system changes in the BIOS. When you see a flashing cursor in the upper-right-hand corner of your screen, press F10, and you can enter your BIOS. Make sure your system is set up to detect drives on both controllers. Save your settings, and exit. Hopefully you'll be all set after this.

    If you press F10 and you CAN'T get into your BIOS, then you'll have to download the setup-utility floppies from the Compaq web-site to enter your BIOS program.

    Hope this helps-

    Joshua Van Berkum
  2. Actually I can enter the bios during the second boot. The first boot the computer always hangs at the 'Compaq' screen, but after resetting the computer functions normally - I can go into the bios, it boots the OS, etc. I still have not tried to switch the drive from slave to master. Perhaps that will solve the problem. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
  3. Keep me posted about the steps you try, and I'll keep throwing potential solutions your way.

    BTW, it never hurts to pull the CMOS jumper (or battery) if you have a system whose BIOS is acting erratic.

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