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I'm buying a 100' lan cable. I am trying to get a Cat7 in 100' but the longest I can find is 75' in cat7, am I gonna loose much with a Cat6a??
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  1. I'm just running it from my master bedroom to my kitchen for Gaming night. I just bought to 100ft Cat 6 Ethernet Cables on amazon. Tired of my Rosewill wireless card locking my computer. I have tried everything with that card, and 2 separate builds and it likes to lock my computer when I installed win 7.
  2. you could have even used a CAT5e cable witch supports GigaByte networks, too.

    CAT6A and CAT7 are mainly used in high frequency crosstalk environment and for 10 GigaByte networks.

    I had good luck with this card

  3. I was gonna buy that card, but read that if im' gaming it may not be the best card.
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